Guido Zaccarelli

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For years, my commitment is devoted to the study of the person within the organisational environment, with the aim of promoting knowledge as a value to be shared so as to improve the welfare of the individual integrated in a company and, as a consequence, in the society.

The main goal of the book “La conoscenza condivisaverso un nuovo modello di organizzazione aziendale” (“Shared knowledgeTowards a new model of business organisation”) is to intervene in the organisational models of the companies and promote the spontaneous emergence of the shared knowledge through listening and highlighting the value of the person.

Every day people should be helped to overcome the barrier of the unknown that stands up before them when they are called to a change. It’s difficult to change the mindset.

We need to promote this project and make it, in time, an experience to live day after day.

Only with the first step a journey can start, only moving away from the harbour you can reach another shore, just like a traveller who knows that after every arrival there is a new departure. But, before all, you must go.

I graduated in Communications and Marketing at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Later I got a master’s degree in Management for Coordinating Functions of Health Professions and I attended the School of Advanced Specialisation for counselling and company training at the Confcommercio Promo.Ter Academy in Rome.