Learning by doing

Edited by:

Guido Zaccarelli


The learning by doing project aims to start a training and communication course that can link students to people in business, with the specific task of join in an efficient and effective way teaching to practical experience of the world of work.

The attention is directed to narrowing the gap between the theoretical models of the teaching and their pragmatic impact on the workplace. The focus is also on the system of social relationships existing within the companies to which the student must necessarily face with when he/she get in touch with the world of work.

There is therefore the need to run a policy of accession to a system of training rules that see people as bearers of collective well-being within the school and in the companies so as to encourage the development of an overall organisational culture.

Learning by doing precisely wants to offer an undisputed support also to those companies that at the end of the training project would see students come in close contact with the world of work: we’re talking about training internships with the opportunity to observe -as leading actors- the workings of the organisational structure, study its complexity and monitor their attitudes with the aim of starting a process of personal reflection that can guide them through the evolution of the chosen educational path.

It’s a substantial change to the relational and organisational model for our businesses for the benefit of their competitiveness in the local and global market: if companies want to be and become in the short and medium term a further excellence in their field, they must envisage the concurrence of figures having a deep multidisciplinary preparation and able to equally share the knowledge through the adoption of daily behaviours based on the principle of reciprocity: “La reciprocità è un dare senza perdere e un prendere senza togliere” (Stefano Zamagni), meaning that reciprocity is a give without losing and take without taking away.